Robofission Quad Copter Workshop

“Workshop: A meeting for discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.” This is the dictionary meaning of a workshop. But what Robo fission’s Quad copter workshop consisted of was much more. It went beyond just a meeting and interaction. The workshop was organized by Science Forum on March 21 and 22, 2014 in the library. The enthusiasm displayed by our Quad copter guides set confidence and eagerness in our minds within the first few minutes of the session. On the first day of the workshop, all 39 of us were engaged in designing our circuits on the computer. With a point presentation, we were guided through the construction of our required circuits on the ‘Schematics’ software. This helped us understand the “organs” of our quadcopter. The entire day was devoted to teaching us the technical aspects of the construction of our quadcopters. I was impressed with the amount of detail put into explanation.

The second day of the workshop consisted of all the heavy lifting. We had to assemble our 6×6 inch quad copter from the Robo fission kits provided to us. In spite of thousand opportunities to potentially destroy our quad copters, nothing went wrong. Thanks to the guidance of the Robo fission team. By afternoon, almost 13 teams had built their quad copters. Though we were eager to fly them immediately, we couldn’t as they had to be scrutinized for any safety hazards by the Robo fission team. After the ‘OK’ was given, we went outside and actually flew our quadcopter. We were jumping with joy to watch our efforts take to the skies. I shall always remember the experience we have had over these 2 days. We were very reluctant to leave our kits behind. Thanks to the knowledge gained at this workshop, we can no doubt rebuild the quad copters. It has been an experience like no other. A huge thumbs up from all of us to the Robo fission team.

Science Forum Team

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  1. That’s awesome. I’m glad they are teaching how to build quadcopters in workshops. 6×6 is not too big of a quadcopter kit. Consumer kits can get to 13″ wide.

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