Colossus Events – Selection Process

This is the detailed procedure of the selection process for Colossus Event Managers and Current Affairs (CA) resource people for the year 2014 – 15.  It was done over the span of two days with various stages and rounds conducted by Colossus, the commerce association of Christ Junior College headed by Mrs. Ranjini Jayaram. Day 1 had 1 round where students got short listed and day 2  held the 2nd round which was the most crucial. The various rounds and stages are as follows –

 Round 1

Stage 1 – Hard Selling

This stage was particularly interesting as the students would be given a product which they had to sell to a customer. It was particularly tricky because of the obstacles set by the colossus team to check the skill level of the students.

Stage 2 – Group Activity

The group activity stage was about the students working as a group. Groups of four came together and had to create a product which was impressive enough to please the judges. The students were given ten minutes to work as a group and come up with something using 4 out of ten things given to them to pick from the table.

Stage 3 – Pick and Speak

One of the most grueling stages of selection where the students were asked to pull out a chit with a topic written in it on which they had to speak about for a whole minute with a panel of judges sitting in front of you judging you on the basis of your knowledge of the topic as well as the fluency of speech.

 Round 2

Personal interview

The personal interview round was the last and final round of the selection process. A panel of teachers sat in a room with the student asking the student various questions that indicated qualities like level of responsibility and skill to take up the given task well. This was the main round where judges made the decision of making the student either a Current Affairs(CA) resource person or an event manager.


All in all, a great process of selection where the best of every student came out in terms of skill and talent. The team did a great job of conducting this event and choosing the process. Good luck to all the students. Stay tuned for the results.

Dennis Mayukh, Student Representative, Colossus

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  1. mayukh post on BP about event and venue with time

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