Event line-up

It’s been two days since the thousand or more I PUC students walked into their classrooms for the first time, and Pierian Spring already has enough activities to keep them, as well as the older inhabitants of CJC busy for a while to come.

Theatre is famous for being a medium of art that tests and nurtures all aspects of an individual’s personality, and this is exactly what we aim to deliver through our annual theatre workshop, Theactrix, that begins on Saturday, 14th June.

This year we have begun the Creative Writing Workshop, a forum for all the columnists and novelists of tomorrow to  let their words flow and have them closely analysed by peers and teachers alike. The CWW meets once a month, and between every two sessions, participants can work on their individual pieces for analysis in the following meeting.

Finally, we have Bibliotheque, the book club for all the young bibliophiles of CJC. Bibliotheque is an offshoot of the Creative Writing Workshop, but is open to non-members of the former as well. Participants will meet after classes every Wednesday to discuss their literary exploits of the week, and discover the art of critical analysis while having a good chat in the process.

We certainly hope that all our Christites display a great interest in these happenings and make good use of the opportunities that are knocking hard on their doors!

Nirupama Rajan, Student Representative, Pierian Spring

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