B – Plan Winners!

The moment we have all been waiting for, the reason students participated in this event, that’s right, the winners have been declared! After two days of intense debate between the judges, they have finally come to a decision as to which three teams came out on top from the 24 teams that participated. Here is what they decided –

I Place – Students of II CAMS K

Mayukh Kondepudi

Nidhi Sangli

Francis Bonny

Manish Salecha

II Place – Students of II CAMS J

Akhilraj A. Shah

Ramnath D. Hulekal

Kuldeep Jain

Sharad Maloo

III Place – Students of II CAMS J

Esha Some

Hinal Kothari

Simran Jain

Renita Thompson

Congratulating all the winners, the judges had a tough time making these decisions and all the teams did exceedingly well. These three teams were just a little bit better. Keep checking this space for more!

Mayukh Kondepudi, Student Representative, Colossus,

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