The song of nature has begun to blow in the air, the green trees sing a song,

A song so sweet , I have never heard it before

A song of withering leaves in the breeze

A song of birds chirping in the trees

A song of water droplets in the clouds

The Blowing Air .

The melody of breeze through broken twigs and leaves

It is a song of nature  understood by all of

God’s beautiful creations


I look staring at the sky

The greatest creation – MAN  It  is a song of pure and free. It cannot be mimed  it clings to many songs. But one day it shall be

forgotten because of mans DESTRUCTION

In his attempt to decipher  it,

let the song  blow in the air

before the music of life dies down,

and life becomes mechanical  and melancholic.

Punitha  Mercilin



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