Are you Xited?

Competitions are the best sources of exhibiting talent. Here at Christ junior College, many such competitions are held for the students to take part in and display their skills. Xite 2014 is around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. The college’s first intra collegiate event that lures countless students into participating in a plethora of competitions provides a platform for the students to showcase their skills. The winners of Xite! 2014 will be selected to be sent to participate in other inter collegiate events and also in our own college’s inter collegiate fest, Magna Christa. From debates, to dance, both theme and non theme. From music to painting and a variety of competitions await you from the fourteenth of this month! So gear up Christites! Opportunities are plenty, all we have to do is embrace them whole heartedly in the right spirit of competition! We all know that they say, it is participation that matters most! Best of luck!

Uttanshi Agarwal, Student Representative, SWO

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