Product Launch!

So this Friday, Colossus kicks off it’s second event for the IInd PU Students which is Product Launch. This probably is the best event in my opinion because this is an event where the teams really are put under the microscope to come up with a fine product and launch it to the best of their abilities. Everyone is welcome to watch all the teams launch their product.

The teams come equipped with a Power Point Presentation that launches their product and also explains it in a detailed fashion. A video is optional but most teams have one as it helps score extra points. This event is really partially about the presentation, it cannot be sub par, it has to be par excellence.

The synopsis of the products will be submitted to the judges and this will really be a filtering process for teams because there are a total of 18 teams of which only 10 will actually present their product to the main panel of judges, the remaining 8 will be eliminated by reading the synopsis or via a short presentation method.

This event is great fun to watch and I welcome everyone to come watch all the teams and see how they present and perform under pressure and intense scrutiny from the panel.

Time and Date – Friday -04-07-14 – 2.45 pm; Saturday – 05-07-14 – 11.45 pm

Venue – Room 108

Mayukh Kondepudi, Student Representative, Colossus

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1 Response to Product Launch!

  1. one amazing event – product launch which includes everything to marketing to finance to swot to the idea of the product. So much fun to participate and be a part of the learning experience through competitions conducted by colossus.Congrats to all the winners..

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