The First Meeting

On May 24th, CSA held its first meeting for the academic year. It was a meeting filled with new faces and old experiences. The meeting started off with the new volunteers expressing their reasons to join CSA and the old ones enumerating their previous experiences. All volunteers were united under one aim – to give something back to the society. We were all excited to begin our journey in CSA, but we needed one person to lead and coordinate us, and thus Pradeep sir rightfully appointed Laajvanthi M as our new head. Malavika M was appointed as the CSA blog head and Neharika Puligundla was to manage the publishing team. Later, Pradeep sir briefed us on the activities we would indulge in over the year. As CSA volunteers, we want to function exceptionally well, giving back more to the society each day. In this new academic year, it is a dawn of new beginnings for all of us united under CSA.

Malavika M, Student Representative, Centre for Social Action (CSA)

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