Xited Christites!

It is a new academic year and that will mean there are going to be many firsts.  First Unit tests, first intra collegiate event. First General Assembly.

The first General Assembly for the year 2014-15 was held on the 5th of July, 2014 in the Christ Junior College Quadrangle. It was held to inaugurate the first and the most awaited intra-collegiate fest of the college, XITE!

After weeks of planning and organizing, the Student Welfare Office gave the First PU students a taste of the general assemblies held here are our college regularly and officially inaugurated XITE! the aforementioned intra-collegiate event.

The beautiful backdrop with the colorful drapes symbolizing the various facets of the Christites who eagerly await for the 14th of this month to exhibit their talents. It is in perfect sync with the our spirit of competition inspiring us to explore newer paths. The speech given by our Principal Fr.Sebastian Mathai was exactly what we needed to set the stage for the events lined up for us and the dance performance, like always, never failed to amaze us.

The registrations for all the events will take place within the Chirst Junior College block between 11:45-12:45 and 2:45-3:45 p.m. All the event details have been put up outside the Student Welfare Office.

For any further queries, please approach the Student Welfare Office.

All in all, we hope you enjoyed the General Assembly as much as we enjoyed organizing it for you.

We await your participation and hope you make best use of the opportunities given!

Best of luck!

 Uttanshi Agarwal, Student Representative, Student Welfare Office (SWO)

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