A Visit to BIOCON – Report

A Worthy Day Spent at BIOCON

Our feet were tickling with excitement as we entered Biocon. We were first taken to the auditorium in BIOCON research centre and an introductory session was conducted. We were familiarized with Biotechnology and the work of Biocon.

We were also told about the different career options available in the field of Biotechnology and the educational qualifications required for the same.

After lunch, we were taken to visit certain labs by BIOCON employees. We visited the Chemistry analytical and synthetic labs. The sophistication level of these labs is beyond one’s imagination. Big and small machines were whizzing around while the scientists were busy at work.

We then visited the Biology labs concerned with drug metabolism and cell culture. The size of buildings and the state- of -art facilities impressed us.

We visited the fermentation plant where they produce insulin. There were huge pipes everywhere and you had gases gushing out of small pipes. BIOCON has ensured that they do not pollute the environment. The waste and the emanating fumes are treated and then released.

We visited Dr. K.S Rao the senior most faculty member at BIOCON. Our interaction with him was very enlightening and refreshing. We were then shown the labs where drug production takes place after the infinitely long process of research, development, testing, quality assurance and patenting. In fact a minimum of fifteen years is required to make a new drug.

We often complain and grudgingly take tablets but do we ever think of the tireless effort behind those tiny tablets? This visit to BIOCON exposed us to what we could expect if we choose a career in the field of Biotechnology. We returned enlightened and thrilled.

We would like to thank Christ Junior College and BIOCON for giving us an opportunity for this educational experience.

Neha Prasanna, Participant, II PCMB C

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