Words express love, trust, fear, confidence. Words express emotions. Welcome to the world of literature. When a writer picks his pen, he has more power in his hand than a soldier’s sword!! Each of our minds think different creatively. So we present to PRERANA CLUB which leaves its doors open for the butterflies to fly out of the box. Prerana Club leaves its doors open for each of you to enjoy the freedom of expression and let your thoughts reach to others. It gives you a huge platform to utilize the power of language and explore and improve the hidden talents in you through various events.

Prerana club conducts competitions like singing, debating, creative writing, drama, story narration etc., which is open to all to participate. So keep calm and participate…..

Manish N Rao, Student Representative, Prerana


About manishnrao

i am average student in studies but i am really good in acting and prerana is a club which encouraged me to do so. acting , teasing friends , cricket , etc., are my hobbies
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