Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. He is best known for doubting the resurrection of Christ. And seeing the wounded body of Jesus, he cried “My Lord my all”.
He is said to have travelled outside the Roman Empire as far as India. According to tradition, Saint Thomas reached Muziris, India in 52 A.D and baptized many people now who are called Saint Thomas Christians (Nasranis). Saint Thomas first speaks in the gospel of John 11:16 when Lazarus had died and the Jews attempted to stone Jesus, “Let us also go, that we may die with Him.”

Saint Thomas is believed to have sailed to India in 52 A.D. to spread the Christian faith among the Jews, some of whom who had migrated to Kerala. He established Ezharappallikal or seven and half churches.

“It was to a land of dark people he was sent, to clothe them by Baptism in white robes. His grateful dawn dispelled India’s painful darkness. It was his mission to espouse India to the One-Begotten. The merchant is blessed for having so great a treasure. Edessa thus became the blessed city by possessing the greatest pearl India could yield. Thomas works miracles in India, and at Edessa Thomas is destined to baptize peoples perverse and steeped in darkness, and that in the land of India.”

 —Hymns of St. Ephrem, edited by Lamy (Ephr. Hymni et Sermones, IV)

St. Thomas died in 72 A.D. According to tradition St. Thomas died as a martyr in Mylapore near Chennai, India. He was pierced with a lance. His remains are said to be buried in Edessa. He is remembered by the Catholic Church on 3rd of July.

 Sharon Vas, Student Representative, ACC.

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