Science Quiz-Mind Chow

Science is not just factual. It requires skepticism, reasoning and the curiosity to find solutions hidden by nature in the treasure chest of science. In order to discover this world of science one must know the facts of science. Therefore, in order to trigger your thinking cells and develop your scientific skills we had the Science quiz-Ming chow.

Mind chow was an enthralling and fun experience. The quiz had two rounds-the prelims and finals. The preliminary round was a written round consisting of 15 questions which were really interesting, questions based on current affairs, technology, physics etc.

The final round had four grueling rounds. The rounds were fun and gripping as all the six teams were very competitive. There was also a round exclusively on science related TV shows such as Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory etc., which gave us an insight into the actual science in these shows which served as an eye opener. The last round was a very high scoring round in which a team with the least number of points could end up losing the competition. Overall, the quiz put or grey cells to test and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nikhil Chandra and J E Easha, Student Members, Science Forum

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