IPL and Elections 2014 Quiz

Sedes Minerva recently conducted an IPL and Elections 2014 quiz for the students of 2nd PU. Since the Indian Premier League and the General elections 2014 concluded recently, students were quizzed on the history and various facts about both events. The quiz consisted of a written preliminary round with 17 questions and a final. 6 teams who top scored in the prelims made it to the final round.

The final consisted of 4 rounds where teams were quizzed on topics such as famous slogans of various parties in the previous elections, captains and coaches of all the IPL teams etc. It was a fun quiz which all the participating teams enjoyed as they learned more facts about these events. The following teams emerged as the winners in the quiz:

I Place – B.Sri Ram- II HEPP N                                                                                                                         Suhas KC- II PCMB E

II Place – Rakshit Reddy- II PCMB G                                                                                                                 Tanuj- II PCMB G

III Place –  Amogh Chakravarthy- II HEPP N                                                                                                   Nikhil Chandra R- II PCME H

Congratulations to all the winners!

                                                        Nikhil Chandra R, Student Representative, Sedes Minerva

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