Leadership Training Program is the best thing that has happened in my life so far. The program started at 1:30 on 12th July 2014 with a small prayer. We were divided into 6 groups. There was an ice breaking session where we met a lot many new people from our own college. A bunch of activities were conducted to increase our knowledge of the Bible, like skit on parables, memorizing bible verses, and dancing.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

On Saturday, we were given sessions on topics like “Love of God” and “Our relationship with God”. In these sessions we were taught how our relationship with our Lord should be: a relationship of complete surrender. We had a beautiful time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I saw a lot many participants with tears in their eyes and genuine love for God.
On Sunday, we all participated in a workshop where we learnt how to be good leaders in our classes, society, homes and churches. We learnt the 5 aspects of being a good leader:
• Sacrifice
• Humility
• Glorifying God
• Not being judgmental
• Love

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Later we had a time of confession of our sins. What a beautiful experience! There was joy in everybody’s faces. We could see the grace of the Almighty in each of our lives. I felt as light as a feather as if all my burden and guilt was taken away. We all participated in the Holy mass. The sermon was on how we should spread the Kingdom of God intellectually. Then we had a meeting were we planned the activities for the whole year. We all dispersed after a time of praise and worship at 4:30 on 13th July.

In these two days, I have not only been drawn closer to God but also grew in my fellowship with my fellow participants. Now I can say that we are united in the name and love of God. I am so looking up to the annual retreat which would bring with it a load of beautiful experiences.

Sharon Vas, Student representative, ACC

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