And, That was the End of the Beginning!

There is something undeniably nostalgic about the past few weeks at Christ Junior College. The X!TE week is done and it dawns upon us, the SWO student coordinators. that that was our last ever X!TE week. A week of hard work and unimaginable fun. A week of competition and understanding. A week of exploring ourselves. The competitions conducted tested almost all the skills a student could possibly possess.

From face painting to Debating. From painting to Dancing. From singing to acting. There were competitions held in order to give an opportunity to every student to display his/her skill. The highlight of the week of course was the Treasure Hunt held on the 16th of July followed by the Split Screen Competition held on the 18th of July. The talent displayed was unbelievable. The energy. Infectious.

Walking in the quadrangle of Christ Junior College during that week one could heard the oohs and aahs of losing by a whisker, the beating of the heart as participants eagerly awaited results and the loud cheers of the winners. It was a wonderful feeling to see the spirit of competition flourish among our fellow Christites as they accepted defeat and embraced victory all the same.

For us, however, the experience it provided is inexplicable. From score sheets to timers. From assigning room numbers and picking lots. From meeting with the Ex-Christites who came back to our college to host various competitions like potpourri, Quiz etc., and students participating in these competitions. From organizing one week long event to see it reach its end fills me with a feeling of pride, joy and of course a tinge of sadness.

All in all, it has been one memorable journey so far. My heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to pull this event off. To the students from University and others who made time to help us have such a great time. To the teachers for helping us in the smooth functioning of the events. To the participants, without whom it would be no fun at all. We cannot wait for what you have to offer and I hope with all my heart that you have as much fun as we do organizing these events for you.

Remember Christies, This, is just the beginning!

Uttanshi Agarwal, Student Representative, SWO

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