Cosmos Version 5 – Impact of technology on human development

The one thing thing that man is gifted by God that differentiates him from other mammals is the ability to question and find solutions. Man has always thrived to make his life easier which has been the driving force in today’s technological advancement as stated “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Technology has made its impact in each one of our lives be it medical,transport and communication, military and defense, agriculture etc. It has knitted the world together through communication,created defense walls for the country. With the population explosion it is extremely difficult to meet its increasing demand of food but with technology it has become easier to meet its increasing demands. Technology has not just made our lives easier but has become part of our lives. Man has always tried and is still trying to make his imagination,his inner world into a reality and hence it is appropriate to tagline Cosmos Version 5 as “Innervision beyond reach”.

J E Easha, Student Representative, Science Forum

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