The Amateur Scientist 2014

“The amateur Scientist” is a science festival hosted by PES University. This event organized by PES is meant to encourage activities in the area of pure sciences and its applications.The Amateur Scientist is scheduled for the 23rd of August,2014 at PES University, Bangalore (Banashankari Main Campus). The show provides a podium for the best working projects created by students of 8th to 12th standards from various institutions across India which will be judged by the best from academia.The following are the projects that have found a place in the science project competitions conducted by PESIT which is to be held on August 23, 2014. Kudos to the participants!!!The synopsis of the projects are uploaded for you all to appreciate and encourage.

1)Maths project – DNA melting temperature and calculation of allele frequency

2)Maths project – Soliton Wave

3)Physics project – Ceasing the engine system of the vehicle if alcohol content of a certain limit is exceeded.

In addition to the Science Projects,PES has also organized the following activities:

  • Hook or Crook-a model making competition
  • Hands on Electronics Workshop
  • Quiz
  • Fun fair-Rubik’s Synchronize,Air Force One,Chemical X and Econ
  • Aero Show-A fascinating display from the experts

Interested students can give their names on or before 21st August to:

Nishanth Reddy-II PCMB E

Ravi Raj-II PCMB A

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