Social Responsibility Week

Nathaniel Branden once said that the first step towards change was awareness and the second step was acceptance. World Vision organization in collaboration with CSA aimed at spreading awareness on two most pressing issues in our country: HIV and Hunger. People were very keen on knowing what was going on in the first tent which was the HIV tent after they saw hordes of people walking in with headphones strapped onto their heads and mp3 players in their hands, sensitizing people on HIV is probably the harder task among the two but providing people with the chance to witness the stories of two children affected by the afflictions of HIV through an audio visual exhibit was perhaps one of the best ways to do it, our students walked out with empathy after witnessing the hardships Kiran and Barathi faced in their everyday lives and said that they would love to help in any way possible, the students also gave us beautiful feedbacks on how these children shouldn’t be discriminated and how it was time to start helping them. The hunger tent also witnessed a huge crowd of people, it was a timeline of pictures on Hunger and various statistics. Our students were stunned when they first heard that over 50% of our children go hungry every day and that the undernourished population in India was 238 million! Higher than any country in Africa. When the future of our country go hungry every day how can we ever dream of education or a developed India? The pictures of hungry children in our own country were alarming and everyone left the tent with a heavy heart. Outside the tent was a silver painted tree known as the wish tree where people could pen down their wishes, thoughts and slogans on heart confetti. Overall the social responsibility week did raise awareness in our students and left them thinking about how to curb these social issues before moving on to the others.

Neharika Puligundla, Publishing head,  Centre for Social Action (CSA)



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