The PES Experience

It brings me immense pleasure in sharing my experience, being a part of a science feast which happened in PES University dated 23 Aug 2014. This was not only an opportunity to celebrate the wonders of science but also provided a platform to showcase our talents. Of all the events, be it Science quiz,Robotics workshop, Aero-show, and the awaited of all “The Amateur Scientist” caught my attention. Two groups from mathematics department and one group from physics department represented our college and I was a part of physics department project.

Our project was on “Automotive safety”. Standing in the stall and explaining about the stall was itself an experience to be cherished. It was heart-filling to see the crowd intrested in the topic and ask you several questions related to it.

Every stall was a winner in itself,as the ideas showcased were out of the box. It was remarkable to see participants travel across India to be a part of the show. At the end of the day, though we could not make it to the finals, yet we hold a sense of joy and carry an experience of a life time. I take this opportunity to thank our teachers and our college who worked hand in hand and made this possible.

Swetha Saleen, Student Member, Science Forum

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