A Quick Update!

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.”
― Paulo Coelho

The students that took part in the various Colossus events throughout the year are chosen to represent the college at an inter-collegiate level. A team is formed based on the results of the Colossus events. This has proved to be the winning formula.

This group of students work in a team in order to win events at schools like The International School Bangalore, St. Josephs Boys High School, Jain College Jayanagar and many more. I take pride in saying that Colossus, this great association played a major role in bringing laurels back to our institution. Colossus not only gives them a platform to showcase their hidden talents but also nurtures this talent and ignites the fire within them to go out there and do the college proud. The students displayed competitiveness like no other institution. Colossus creates winners year after year this way. There’s a lot of talk about about our Commerce cultural team in the circuit. I remember someone from another school watching one of our teams participate in an event and asking me how they stayed so calm and collected, I looked at him and sai, “experience!” It’s thanks to the brilliant exposure that this association gives the students that helps them be calm and collected during these events.

This is what Colossus does, creates winners. Turns students who were otherwise quiet and under confident to vibrant and extremely confident individuals. This is all thanks to the Teachers that work towards making this possible and our event managers that constantly work towards carrying out events smoothly while thinking of new ways to raise the bar.

Mayukh Kondepudi, Student Representative, Colossus

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