Of Principals & Pillars of Support

On the morning of the general assembly one could almost feel his presence. The energy he brought along with him. The environment he created around us. Never having had seen teachers this happy, it wouldn’t be very difficult for anyone to guess that it was the day Father Jose C.C was coming back to Christ Junior College, albeit for a few days.

Having always been an inspiration to us, it was more than an honour for us to welcome him back. For the student welfare office, to organize an event of this calibre, for someone like our former principal Dr. Fr. Jose C.C was a labour of love and respect.

Right from moving from the traditional decoration of the curtain to the massive book with the crossword, to seeing all the teachers put together the letters of the word ‘thank you’ to express their gratitude to our former Father Principal, was truly an inexplicable feeling for all of us who hoped for the event to go on smoothly. After all, one could just hope to reach to his level of meticulousness and perfection.

Having him back amidst us, listening to him address our college once again and to see him walk hrough the corridors talking to his students was a sight that hit home for all our teachers and us, the students of second PU.

If there was one general assembly that barely took any effort, I would say with utmost conviction that it was this one.

Father, Christ Junior College has grown leaps and bounds and it wouldn’t have been possible without your encouragement and support. Thank you Father, for helping us grow as learners, as citizens and most importantly as human.

Uttanshi Agarwal, Student Representative, SWO

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