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“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

This statement by Friedrich Nietzsche clearly points out everything misplaces in society today. On 6th November, 2014, Spectrum conducted an event – ‘Social Ads’, for the second PU students. There were 7 teams and each presented an innovative poster and a creative ad based on a well written script. Each team had to pick a social issue and represent it through an ad. Pollution, hunger, racial discrimination, eve-teasing, women’s education, patriarchy, and beggary were some of the themes that were chosen.

‘When you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.’ – Desmond Tutu

We see women’s rights and their welfare as a recurring theme with most groups. This clearly reflects the state of things in our country and the rising need for feminism. Most of the ads depicted people standing up for themselves or those around them. It showed people breaking the silence and stigma and this reflects the kind of students we wish to create and send out into society.

However, as noted by our judges,
‘Being social science students, they did not understand the concept of Social Ads. Nothing was actually advertised. We had higher expectations because they were social science students.’

The students mostly had awareness campaigns rather than ads as nobody really advertised a product or endorsed a company.

The students had a good time preparing, but felt it was rather impromptu.‘We had to prepare a lot. It was a social cause so we had to think a lot before establishing a base.’ – Drithika

The acting was also not as extraordinary as it should have been.
‘Themes were good, but the acting was not up to the mark. The impact was not felt.’ – Xavier Sir

The results will be declared upon the arrival of the first years and their participation in the event. We hope to have a good participation and not face the same issues as with the second years.

Ishika Saxena


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