Tech Club’s Exhibition

A student’s life is not just about hearing lectures from the teachers or harvesting knowledge from books but also about practically experimenting the learnt concept and by constructing models which enables them to think technically.

An exhibition based on electronics and technology was held on the 15th of June 2015 in Christ Junior College by the students of II PCME H and II PCME I. For all of us I PU students it was a really amazing experience because it wasn’t even weeks before we entered college and we are all getting sweet delights such as this exhibition from our seniors.

It gave us a hint about the concepts that we were going to learn in the upcoming years and also about the importance of our participation in all the events and activities. It gave us the feeling that we were now becoming a part of something we never even imagined of. It was also a great opportunity to interact with our seniors. They were patient enough to answer our questions and to explain their experiments and presentations.

Before the conclusion of the exhibition, we were lucky enough to see the working of a Quad copter, something which most of us hadn’t seen till then. All of us are waiting for something exiting and interesting like this in the coming days.

Rosmin Varghese, I PCME I

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