Class Culturals Inauguration

The lunch break on the 11th of June was far from ordinary, it was the inauguration of the class culturals programs; which was entirely set up and taken care of by second year students. The vivid and psychedelic display was sight for sore eyes.

There were a multitude of countries:  Kenya, Ireland, Egypt, Russia, India and many others, all with costumes, and with each dance lasting 45 seconds. And still, in under a minute, each dance set off spikes of adrenaline and excitement among all the students watching.

The organisers definitely saved the best for the last, because I could feel my heart beating hard and I felt my skin tingle and rise. And I’m quite certain the rest of the crowd felt it too.
65 dancers. One song. Waving Flag.
And absolutely electrifying performance, I found myself searching for words to describe it.
That performance left the quadrangle echoing with applause, and the crowd, rolling in euphoria.

Nisanth Srinivasan


About nothingth

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
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