And the winner is….

Pierian Spring recently conducted a Pictionary contest. Close to 100 students took part in this, but only a few nailed it. Here is the list of winners who proved that they’ve got “creativity” for a middle name:

FIRST: (2 M) : Neha Raj Agalkot, Maria Jose and Pradhyumna.

SECOND (2 O): Apoorva Amaresh, Tarika Mohan and Safoora Noor.

THIRD (2 L): Medha Nidhi, Kavya Lokesh and Tania Ramesh.

It does not end here. The results of the Story Writing contest are out. And the winners are:

FIRST: Sujitha Prabhakar (2 N)

SECOND: Sherin C. Johnson (2L)

THIRD: Tania Martha Thomas (2 0)

A hearty congratulations to all the winners!! You have definitely earned your place.

Ritika Sowda

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