First PU Inauguration

The morning air has a different sort of buzz to it, there are new faces pouring in through the college gates, there are anxious parents and confused freshers everywhere. One look at their perplexed faces, reminds me exactly what I felt on the first day. Fear. Confusion. Excitement.

Right after cross checking the names on the list, the episode of the First PU Inauguration Day is set into motion, with the Science batch moving into the auditorium. Beautiful decorations, a whole new aura. This is all pretty weird to the students. It’s the first day of school all over again. With a few tweaks, of course. This day is a day of rebirth, of transition. From regular schooling, to a dynamic burst of passion, love, art, knowledge and experience; the beautiful feel of being a Christite. Each one of these new Christites are put of their state of confusion and anxiety, after reassuring words from the Vice Chancellor, Dr Fr Thomas C Mathew, whose passion towards education is unparalleled, everyone present in the auditorium begins to feel the benignity.
The first episode draws to a close, as the students move to their classes, and the parents attend a talk by the counsellor, Mrs Lavanya Devdas, about the transition from school to junior college.
In their class, the students are told about the junior college life, a perfect mix of learning, experience, fun and a gamut of emotions in every aspect.

In the afternoon, after the science batch First PU Inauguration, there is the Arts and Commerce batches’ Inauguration, where the same surge of electric emotions is seen, the Junior College sees a new world of youngsters, each unique in their own way, each with their own raging sparks of talent and skill, eagerly waiting to experience the warmth of education, experience and growth, waiting to experience the beauty of Christ Junior College. It’s exhilarating for me, as a senior too: the classrooms, the quadrangle, the food courts, all bustling with a new atmosphere. This day marked the beginning of a new era, and it also gave rise to responsibility for us, the seniors, to make the first-years feel at home, just as our seniors made it feel for us.

Nisanth Srinivasan


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