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IMG_6275ss1“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.” – Lilly Walters.

This quote sums of what the aim and goal of a person giving a speech should be. On 20th June, 2015, the Spectrum aimed to provide a platform for our students to showcase their public speaking and presentation skills. Spectrum conducted the Pick and Speak event for 1PU and 2PU.

58 students took part and we are very grateful to all of them for taking time out from their busy schedules, with talent search and other events coming up, and turning up to make this event such a success!  The students had a good time and some of them felt that the time for preparation given was too little. Despite the 30 second preparation time, the 1 minute speeches given were up to the mark.

‘It was really good. I got a little scared. I would have liked more time to prepare and speak as the topic was really vast and I had a lot to say.’ – Kanah (I PPES 0)
‘It was a well-organized programme. The anonymity idea and numbering system was really good as the judges could not be biased at all.’ – Anaga (II PPES O)
The main learning outcome of this event was of course, public speaking and the ability to face people and speak out in front on larger groups. Presentation is a life-skill needed in almost every professional field now. A few of the students stammered and stuttered, however every student that took part gained from it as it is stepping stone in overcoming stage fright.

The topics were wide ranging and covered not just the scope of the subjects in the department but also needed a little current affairs knowledge to be spoken about.

‘Topics that are usually tabooed were discussed, which is good. We should not keep these matters hidden, especially from the youth. It was good that topics such as homosexuality and rising rates of tobacco consumption were spoken about.’ – Philu Rose Jose, Department of English (Judge)

‘A few students did not completely understand the topics given to them. However, they did bring up interesting points.’ – Mr. Kenath Arun, Department of Physics (Judge)

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our winners, who have bagged the awards despite excessive competition!

Batch 1:
1. Deepa P. (14P1872)
2. Rohan Alex (14P1837)
3. Disha Dharmaraj (14P1883)

Batch 2:
1. Amla Sandur (14P2115)
2. Sanah J. (14P1855)
3. Shreya R (14P2187)

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