ACC Inauguration


ACC is a forum through which we can experience the love of Jesus and come closer to Him. It is an association that gives students a chance to know Jesus.

The ACC inauguration for the year 2015-2016 was held on 27 June. It was held in Dharmaram Vidya Kshetra for all Christian students from 12:45 pm to 3:45 pm.  Around 500 students attended the inauguration.

The Chief Guest for the day was Rev. Father Arun Antony Chully. We started the inauguration with an invocation dance.

The theme for the year, Cadentia was officially introduced during the inauguration. Cadentia is a Latin word which means radiance. The light signifies the grace and divinity of our God Almighty; that shuts down all evil.

The invocation dance was followed by the lighting of the lamp. The lamp was lit by the dignitaries, the coordinators of ACC and the office bearers. The theme for the year, Cadentia was also inaugurated at that time.

The welcome speech was given by Ms. Reni. She greeted all the first years and encouraged them to become active members of ACC. Next, the Hon. Chief Guest of Cadentia, Rev. Father Arun Antony Chully addressed the gathering. In his address, he asked us to state the objectives and aims of ACC. Many students gave compelling points and we concluded that everything that is done in ACC has a main objective of bringing us closer to Jesus.

Our Principal, Fr. Sebastian Mathai and Vice-Principal, Fr. Biju also said a few words. They encouraged us to work more for the glory of our Lord. They also highlighted the importance of ACC in our lives.

The briefing of the ACC activities was done by Ms. Sindhu. She told us about the retreat, Holy Mass, prayer meetings, intercession and various camps that would be conducted in this year.

The formal programme was concluded with the oath taking by the ACC class representatives and the office bearers. The oath was lead by Ms. Sharon Vas.

The cultural programme commenced with a skit based on the ten insecurities faced daily by a normal teenager. It portrayed the vulnerability of a boy and how he overcame his problems with the help of God who spoke through the people around him.

We then had a small time of Praise and Worship lead by Sonali and the ACC Choir. The ice-breaking session was taken by Sherley and Lionel.

The much awaited part of the afternoon was the session which was taken by Mr. Dony Peter Chacko. He was the international Assistant coordinator for Jesus Youth. The topic of his session was, “Jesus, My Friend and Guide”. He told us that we can do anything with Jesus’ help. He told us that we are more vulnerable at this age and can fall into temptations easily. Only Jesus can lift us up from our fallen state.

The inauguration ended with a couple of action songs. This year, we hope to help more people come closer to Jesus and experience His endless love. We hope to see all of you participating in the various activities. God bless you!

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Sherin Johnson

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