Beginning with a hope…….

Christ College’s greatest and heart thawing initiative, the Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a student’s movement for a humane and just society where people, especially Christites, are sensitized on various issues affecting the poor and the marginalized section of the society. Established in 1999, CSA works towards promoting the value of social responsibility amongst the student community. With the support of volunteers, faculties and professionals from different fields, CSA is able to intensely engage itself in highlighting issues related to child rights, socio-economic development of women, youth and farmer’s livelihood, community mobilization and environment/climate change issues.

On Friday, dated 17/07/2015 was our first official meeting along with our new joiners in CSA. It was a huge gathering, literally filling the whole room. We were pretty excited about what was going to happen as we heard some volunteers from the university were coming to orient us regarding the on goings of the CSA, till date. There were four of them who came to orient us. They spoke about the objective of CSA that is to encourage the holistic development of students by involving them in social action and to make the college a mean through which under privileged sections of society can gain access to tangible improvements in their quality of life. They also briefed us about their activities and programs conducted all these years like ‘Drishti’ which is a street theatre association and ‘Prayatna’ which takes an initiative of converting waste products into useful products. They also highlighted about the child sponsorship which helps in providing education to under privileged children. All this discussion was really inspiring for us and also for our new joiners. Then they also discussed about their current focus of area that is making a zero-waste campus, which is a bigger problem than it looks. The women, who work in segregating the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, work really hard to make this campus waste-free. The biodegradable products are then converted into beautiful useful products like photo frames, bags made out of tetra packs, pen stands, diaries, hand-made paper and etc. The volunteers from the university also asked us for suggestions regarding the ‘zero-waste campus’ and how they could create awareness amongst most of the population in the campus. The result was great as our enthusiastic juniors came up with such innovative ideas. After a long discussion, we played a small game which was pretty funny and enjoyable.

As it was time to conclude the session, the speakers reiterated the CSA motto “We can make a change together.”

Shristi Sampat


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