India is a country of villages. Our roots lie in our villages which are now developing technologically at a rapid pace due to advancements in the field of technology. But, at this juncture, we, who have been born, brought up and nurtured in the hustle and bustle of city life, need to be acquainted with our roots. To experience a day of village life and to bring back to the city, some unforgettable memories, Rural Exposure Programs to Hoskote and other project areas under CSA are organized by CSA, Christ Junior College. A lot of students get to participate in this event and are benefitted from this program.

Last year, the volunteers of CSA got the opportunity to visit Hoskote as a part of this exposure program. It was a day long affair. The students were divided into groups and were asked to assess various things in the village like the sanitation facilities, condition of the schools, infrastructure, communication and agriculture. The visit was not only fun but also created awareness among the students about the rural culture, with them analytically examining the people and their mindsets. The students also interacted with some of the villagers, which was very helpful in garnering information about village life. The interaction with the kids in the school located in the village which is sponsored by CSA was refreshing and the students were given a chance to play some games with the kids. The students themselves were made to conduct some activities, through which they could understand the importance of teamwork, coordination etc. The exposure visit was the best way to understand Rural Karnataka and in a larger sense, rural life, because what we have read in the books and watch in the movies may not hold true to what’s reality.

Thus, CSA gives the students the ground and foundation for understanding and creating awareness among the student community about the society we live in. The rural exposure is the best example for this and also provides for a great experience. CSA aims to continue this practice this year as well, with more enthusiasm, providing for a great forum to explore the unexplored and experience the true traditional and cultural richness that India stands for.

Abhignya K


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