Xite! Week: the Beginning, the End.

On 25th July, 2015, Xite, one of the largest and most remarkable fests at the intra collegiate level, came to and end. This years’ Xite didn’t disappoint, as usual. It gave us a glimpse at the level of talent, although not completely uncovered, but enough to make our jaws drop. The atmosphere was exhilarating, and the level of organization reached was perfect, simply put. From sketching, to debate, to Indian dance solos, the wide variety of events was met with an equally wild and remarkable crowd of participation from all three streams, putting and end to past notions about each one; everyone had a glimpse, if not a whole picture, of all the talent that lies in each student, the raw potential they have. Whether they won or not, every student played a part in this ultimate orchestration of skill and talent, and finally, after 5 days of total explosive excitement, it comes to an end.

Out of a crowd of thousands, a few emerged as winners in various events, but without everyone, without every single student contributing to Xite, none of this would be possible.
The SWO congratulates all the winners as well as the participants, and after all this, we have this to say: it does not end here.

All the events will set the stage on the 7th of August, the grand finale of Xite: which lies as a sort of coda for all the previous events. The final day was postponed due to the untimely passing of our beloved Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, and Christ Junior College has decided to join the nation in its 7 day mourning.
But Xite stands as a memoir of what he often spoke about, education with values and optimal utilisation of one’s talent and skill.

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