Join the mordern world of electronics


The whole world of electronics has come into picture because of a small tiny particle called ‘electron’. Electronics means study of motion of electrons in gas , vacuum and semiconductor materials. The word electronics comes from electron mechanics which means learning the way how an electron behaves under different conditions of externally applied fields. Electronics mainly deals with the electrical circuits ,active components  (transistors, diodes ,IC’s vacuum tubes),passive components  (resistors,capacitors )and interconnection technology. Electronics can be considered as heart of science field because presence of electronics in all walks of life embraces the same with enormous inventions. It has made tremendous advancement during last few decades and our day to day life involves the use of electronic devices. It is widely used in information processing, telecommunication and signal possessing.

Wide usage of electronics in this concrete world has grabbed the young minds to contribute towards its development. Christ Junior College provides a huge platform to showcase their inherent talents. It gives you opportunities to turn your imaginations into reality . Various competitions, workshops and exhibitions rekindle the interests in learing. It makes learning a fun place.

  • Navyashree
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