Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end ,with the end of our first year in Christ junior college .We embark ourselves on anew journey and SERVICE LAUNCH marks the beginning of the academic year 2016-17 of COLOSSUS – the commerce association .Its an event which provides a platform for zealous young entrepreneurs to exhibit their talent and present their innovative business ideas through ppt ‘s ,radio jingles and print ads etc.

You have got to think about big things while you are doing small things so that these small things turn out to be your road to success .These competition involves various skills ,knowledge and experiences to be applied to start a thriving business .It persuades us to think beyond the existing ideas or refine them . Planning is very essential before we start anything and this is what this event teaches us . It involves comprehensive research on various aspects of business .If you to plan then you plan to fail .It is very essential to pay significant attention to laying the proper groundwork before the launch planning is just not restricted to making if an creative idea but also involves feasibility studies , trend and tendencies, finance etc .If you do not commit to in -depth research your plan may not be successful.According Victor Green 60% of new business fail within 3 years because too often people rush without proper studies .make sure you know your market inside out and spread awareness to that extent that it produces a cascade affect and understand the critical metrics of your market.Usually finance is the most important and toughest part because cash is the king and ultimate objective is profits.This competition trains individual ‘s
To perfect their future ideas so that they dont have any loop holes thus attracting potential investors . Hope to see an overwhelming participation from 2nd puc students.
Apart from service launch the selections for the various event heads is also scheduled for this week in which you are expected to present in s team of three on how you are going to organise an event of your choice. Selections for CA resource is also going to take place soon.

  • Aanchal Nagori
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