Book Spine Poetry

Pierian Spring – The English Literary Club hosted it’s first competition for the academic year 2016-17 last Friday (03.06.16).

This event was aptly named ‘Book Spine Poetry’, wherein participants had to select up to 6 books of their choice; fictitious and/or non fictitious following which they had to write a poem using the titles of these books.

The words in the titles were allowed to be rearranged as per the creativity of the participant and supplementary prepositions, conjunctions etc. were also permitted. A title of selection had to be included in each line.

This competition was held in the College Library, with quite a large and eager turnout. We hope to see many more similarly enthusiastic students for the upcoming competitions and workshops as well.

Now, to declare the awaited results-

  • First place was secured by Pallavi N – II PPES O (15P2184)
  • Second place was bagged by Ryan S Gilbert- II PCMB D (15P0454)
  • Third place was won by Shivani Raj- II HEPP N (15P1996)

Congratulations to all the talented winners!

Keep visiting our blog on a regular basis to be informed about upcoming events hosted by Pierian Spring 🙂

Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring


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