Sedes Minerva – The Quiz Club

I first joined a quiz club back in primary school, and I would wait eagerly for the first Friday of every month, when the club would have a meeting. I soon discovered that the excitement I got from quizzing was priceless. So you can imagine my joy when I learnt that Christ Junior College has a quiz club. I even managed to win the first quiz I attended, and from then on, I kept attending many quizzes.

“Knowledge is power” a wise man once said. And there are infinitely many methods to acquire it. But the thirst to learn and the courage to ask are essential. The key here is to find the method of learning that interests you. Some people like to read textbooks. Others are inclined towards practical learning. I have found that quizzing is an amazing way to increase your knowledge. And that is why joining Sedes Minerva is a great idea.

Atul Rokkam

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