Why Pierian Spring?

Hello Everyone!

The clubs and associations inauguration ceremony was held held and now all the first years are picking their minds, trying to decide which club/association to be a part of….

So Why Pierian Spring? Actually, let’s look at what Pierian Spring is before we come to that. It is the literature  and the theatre Club; a duo ensuring double the fun and invigorating.

We have a line up of 9 super interesting events this year:

  • Book Poetry
  • SpacePoetry
  • Tale spin
  • Story Narration
  • Event X
  • Fantasy Quiz
  • Jingle writing
  • Shorter Story Writing

We also have a few workshops in store for you:

  • Communicare
  • Theatrix
  • Mime

Now, let’s tackle the ‘why’?

We believe that literature and the thespian arts are vital and constructive  forces in society and are necessary elements in the process of a liberal education and so, we, Pierian Spring will encourage and showcase your talents. But most importantly- FUN GUARANTEED!

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you at registrations! 🙂

Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring


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