Service launch results

Finally! Service launch results are out!!
More than 20 teams with outstanding ingenious services though almost anything and everything under the sun is already made into a service.
Only 8 teams could make their way to the finals and 4 teams out of them emerged as the winners with extremely enthusiastic performance.
First place – Nidhi Gupta, Aanchal Nagori, Priyanka Venugopal and Shreya Jain (II CAMS’J’)
Second place– Abhikshek Garg , Harsh Chopda,Keerthi Jain,Tanya Agarwal,Prathana Khanna ( II CAMS ‘K’)
Third place is shared by two teams – Dennis Mathew,Sunil Kumar ,Sarthak Verma and Rohan B (II CAMS ‘J’)
Anjana S , Varun Rangnath, Prithviraj and Vash Ajmera (II CAMS ‘K’)
Overall it was a great learning experience as judges were kind enough to provide us with a wonderful feedback which will help us to make our college proud .

Aanchal Nagori

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