Collage Competition

collage.jpegWhen we announced a collage completion to the three second year classes from the Social Science Stream, we did not expect the room to be filled with teams of three, armed with lots of glue, colourful magazines and newspapers, ready to rip, stick, and create a masterpiece with a message. The Spectrum (SSA) had organized a Collage completion on the 4th of June, the second event of the Academic Year, with the theme of Global Warming. The students were asked to bring their own materials, all we gave them was the time, theme and paper to make the work of art on. We saw students make a tree with green and brown pictures of newspaper articles, a group made the cliché earth spilt in two with an uncliche method and used magazine titles that said how a few people helped the earth and how the earth still needed more help When we announced the Collage event to the First years on June 18th, we had hoped it would be as packed as the Second Years events. Sadly, we weren’t pleased when we discovered we had almost half as many people, but what we lacked in participants, they seemed to make up for with Creativity The students from the classes of 1 M, N and O had showed as the paper, glue and more paper can bring out the world wide issue of Global Warming out in ways even Second years hadn’t thought of. They spent half their allotted time ripping paper up into tinier bits, categorised them into colour, made a mental imagine and worked in groups of three to make colourful, meaningful and eye catching Collages with newspaper article cut outs, pictures from the paper and colourful advertisements ripped up to show us what they saw We saw a wide range of representation, from a whole paper being covered with bits and pieces of paper, to 3D pieces (made of paper and glue), one team even asked if they could use burned paper. The event was, in every way, entertaining. To put it simply, the events were successful, unlike the clean up after. We needed all the help we could get, and the students who participated were nice enough to stay back a few extra minutes and pile up all the paper together, and then dispose of them in the correct coloured bins, because we’re responsible Christites, and part of being a Christite is keeping the environment clean, either by disposal the waste properly or by raising awareness through a collage.


Saandra Manoj, II PPES ‘O’

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