On Friday, June 3 2016, Spectrum conducted a crossword competition for the second year students of the Social Science Stream at Christ Junior College. The theme was English Movies. With questions ranging from movie facts and trivia to titles and screenplay writers, the questions came from every part of Hollywood.  crossword
There were participants from 2 M, N and O sections, came together in room 109 to give a great turn out, they arrived at the venue with eager anticipation. However, the crossword quiz proved to be too difficult for some of them, earning the Literature Committee one too many curses. Some of the questions asked were related to which actors portrayed which roles, character’s names, the number of Oscars one by particular movies, etc. The questions ranged from easy to difficult, but the participants did not give up so easily, and they tried their best to answer as many questions as they could. We appreciate everyone’s efforts. It seems that they had a lot of fun while doing the activity. Now, they can be well prepared for any questions related to English movies, no matter how difficult.
The 1st Year’s Crossword competition will be this weekend

Saandra Manoj, II PPES ‘O’


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