Sketching Competition

The first event for both the 1st and 2nd years, held by the SSA was the Sketching Competition.
The theme was given on spot, the students were asked to illustrate their Dream Land, be it made of cotton candy, glitter and rainbows, or of Beach Sand and Coconut Tree’s all around you while you lounge back and look at the sea.sketching
The 2nd years sketched their wildest dream lands, one drew a land filled with puppies and another with candy canes everywhere, and some drew a land filled with greenery. It showed us how diverse we were when it came to dream lands, how some of us looked at it superficially and how some of us had put a thought into it.
The 1st years sketched some pretty stunning works as well, from a student sketching Space, challenging our definition of land, and one student drawing a scenic image of the coastal line, another worked till the last minute to make a mystical land with owls and trees, it looked as enchanting as it sounds.
But, the highlight of this event was how everyone expressed themselves using just three things, a pencil, an A3 sheet of paper, and their imagination.
We found beautiful pictures, and talents in our new Juniors from 1 M, N and O. And We hope we have more of you showing up to all our events!

Saandra Manoj, II PPES ‘O’

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