Wealth Out Of Waste

The 4th SSA event, which was yet another success, that was conducted on 11th June, Saturday, in room no. 118, was ‘Wealth out of Waste’. wealth out of waste
The basic concept, of Wealth out of Waste, is to make something new and creative out of waste products, rather commodities that are not going to be used further. There were enthusiastic participants from all the 3 senior social sciences classes. These participants were in teams of 3 members each.
Each team was provided with an old copy of newspaper, an old tetra pack, an old packaged water bottle(empty), tissue papers, paper cups, glue thread and straws.
Participants were not allowed to use anything other than the materials provided. However, they could use sketch pens or paints to make their models look beautiful.
Initially as we started with the programme, things were chaotic as nobody had a clear picture of the things that had to be done. In order to settle down, we divided the class room into 3 parts, asking participants to sit class wise.
Next, we asked them to send one participant from each team and form a queue so that the SSA volunteers could provide them with materials.
Once everything was distributed, teachers announced the instructions for one last time and allotted the time of an hour,and thus started the healthy competition amongst talented participants to showcase their innovation and creativity.
As an observer, one could find out that participants made things like photo frames, dream catchers, wall hangings and so on.
One of the teams, that made a dream catcher, used the old piece of plastic bottle to make a hook. Then, they used the paper plate to make the circular part of it, followed by feathers made out of newspapers. They also used their own materials to make the dream catcher look further more beautiful.
Once participants were ready with their models, they were asked to mark them with the teams’ details.
They could also mark them with themes, if any
Finally, the event ended at around 1 PM.
Results shall be out soon!

Dhara Kapadia, II HEPP “N” .

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