Tech Club Project Exhibition 2016

DSC_1229Have you ever seen a hybrid of a drone and an aeroplane or a leap sensor robot ? If not , then you definitely missed an excellent chance at Christ Junior college on the 23rd of June.

The quadrangle of Christ Junior College, which has an air of subtlety on most days , was bubbling with enthusiasm on 22nd and 23rd of June. The cause for the sight of glowing LED ‘s, descriptive charts and the sound of buzzers was simply the two day exhibition organised by Tech club .

Filled with technology savages, drones and near crazy project ideas , the exhibition soon attracted an appreciable crowd ,  including students from the social sciences and commerce  streams as well. Each class was divided into groups of four .DSC_1205

The students of II PCME  ‘H’ and ‘I’  displayed their projects on the 22nd and 23rd of June respectively.  Most of the projects , already in use in the society , were made by the students,  adding a touch of their own . The end result was cost effective . Burglar alarms, water level indicators and automatic street lights, among others.  Not only were the projects informative but also interactive and entertaining, for projects like LED graffiti that works on water , Bluetooth control cars and wires through a loop were displayed as well.

When asked about his experience, the tech club president Darshan said “It gave us a chance to interact with the juniors, the main agenda of the workshop was to convey the ideas to the crowd ,we are happy that they thoroughly enjoyed it “.

Most of the juniors too have similar answers “Didn’t understand most of the parts used in the projects but I ‘m glad I will be able to make one on my own next year “, tells Vishnu from I PCME ‘I’.

Novatech Robo is welcomed every year to conduct workshops, to keep the students in pace with the ever changing world of electronics.  Their quad copters and leap  motion sensors stole the show on the second day .


All the steps that we take in creating little wonders today ,will account to a giant step in  mankind tomorrow.



–  SriHarsha (II PCME ‘H’ )

–  Tejaswini S (II PCME ‘H’)

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