Wealth Out Of Waste

Treasure me she shouts, keep her for her sprouts”

Wealth out of waste is not just another activity conducted by the SSA for the students of Christ Junior College, it is an initiative by the youth to promote environmental protection and raise awareness on conservation of the environment.

IMG_20160624_170604SSA on the 24th of June, Friday, for the First Years on the Social Science Stream, the second event was held prior to this, but the First years gave us a larger and more enthusiastic crowd. There were almost 30 teams with pairs of 3, from the three First Year classes of I M, N, and O.

The creativity shown by the students, with the material provided by us (a tetra pack, paper plate and cups, tissue, straw., empty bottles and glue) exceeded all our expectations, and they used their creativity to bring out that not all “Waste” is useless and can be discarded. They made flower bouquets, wall hangings and and a show piece peacock.

Like always, we had our SSA volunteers to help and motivate the Juniors.

The Judges of this event were Christine and Alehandra, foreign students from Christ University (UCLA)

The results will soon be declared!

                                       – Dhara Kapadia, II HEPP “N”

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