Green. That’s how we’d like the world to be! Having this as our motto, Christ Junior College’s ECO CLUB Committee splendidly had its inauguration done on 14/6/2016 for the academic year 2016-2017.

The first meeting of the club was held onIMG_20160624_145744534_HDR 24th of June, Friday, which was lead by Mr. Benjamin Bosco, Mrs. Muthamma, Mrs. Preethi, lecturers of CJC and the student Co- ordinator, Lalith.

A new set of interested students who enrolled themselves, attended the meeting. A talk was given by Mr. Benjamin Bosco to sensitize the students towards the importance of environmental and nature. Students were motivated to actively participate and conduct activities to bring our motto alive. Students were instructed about their responsiblities. A list was developed of what the club would like to see happen. Class Representatives, co-committee members, Bloggers were assigned.                                                  IMG_20160624_145716001_HDR

What will your children breathe? What will your children drink? None can answer them. If this destruction of nature prevails then life will not exist. So, we decided to SEE GREEN, SEE LIFE!

The objectives of the Eco Club are:-
1) To motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees.
2) Promote ethics of conservation of water by minimizing the use of water.
3) Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags and not to throw them in public places to prevent pollution.
4) To create a clean and green consciousness among students through various innovative methods.

On 3rd of June, a Poster Making competition was conducted and on 6th of June, The World Environment Day was celebrated. Eco Club actively works for a safe Earth. Keeping this in the mind that “Green care is our social responsibility”.

Join hands with Eco Club Committee, Don`t Be Mean, Be Green, Just Live Green, Love Green, Think Green. Go green before Green goes.
Bhargavi (I PCMB ‘A’)

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