Pictionary- Results

Hello everyone!

‘Pictionary’ was held on 2nd July and my, was it fun! It was nice to see all the creativity, not to mention the competitiveness. Books and movies were depicted through drawings- some incredibly accurate and some….peculiar to say the least. I, for one very impressed with the participants and their  unique artistic skills.

Now- Time to announce the winners:

In First place-

  • Sonu George (16P2128- I PPES O)
  • Sharanya Urs (16P2183- I PPES O)
  • Aarushi Krishnan (16P2103- I PPES O)

Coming in second-

  • Meghana M Warrier (16P0319- I PCMB C)
  • Bhumika N B (16P0363- I PCMB C)
  • Carol Tresa Johnson (16P0364- I PCMB C)

And a close third-

  • B P Prajwal (16P1074- I PCME H)
  • Neville Roy (16P1052- I PCME H)
  • Ananya Shanbhag (16P2106- I PPES O)

A hearty congratulations to all the winners! You deserve it!

For the rest of you, keep an eye out for any Pierian Spring updates, it may be your time to shine next….

Sanjana N, Student Representative, Pierian Spring






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