Khamba – Conversion of Kitchen Waste to Manure

On the 9th of July, members of the Eco club gathered on the terrace, to know more about the Khamba, an innovative method of conversion of kitchen waste into manure.

The teacher-in-charge enthusiastically demonstrated the various steps by which the Khamba can be used to obtain manure for plants.

The Khamba consists of three pots, kept one upon the other. In the first pot, a layer of dry leaves and vegetable waste along with a spoonful of neem cake, bacterial spores and a handful of coconut fibre was put. This process is repeated layer by layer, and the pots are shuffled at regular intervals.

eco1 eco2 eco3 eco4

After a period of about 45 days, manure is obtained in the lowest of the three pots. This manure is very useful in kitchen gardening, to grow plants that are organic and healthy.

  • Divya Shanbhag


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