The Green Samaritans

On July 8, 2016, all the members of the Eco Club joined hands to contribute to the environment by planting various saplings in pots, that were provided by the college authorities.

Various saplings were planted, few of them being Tulsi (Ocimum species), various kinds of cacti, Aloe Vera, Opuntia etc. The Eco club members were also educated about the biological names of each sapling, and its benefits.







This is the first time in CJC, wherein members of the eco club and the respective teachers came forward to initiate a terrace garden in the campus. The main objective of this was to create awareness of biodiversity conservation and to create a “clean and green consciousness” among students.









We aim to motivate and also to be self motivated to do our bit for our environment. Eco club in our college is a means by which students are empowered to participate in various environmental activities.

  • Divya Shanbhag
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