Leadership Training Program was a stay camp organised by the Association of Christian Christites on 2nd and 3rd of July. The ACC representatives of the all classes were invited to be part of this wonderful experience.The memorable journey started off on 2nd July with a prayer session that was held in the Christ Junior College chapel. The Jesus Youth movement volunteers were there to guide the students. Followed by this was a fun filled session, where the students were taught many action songs by Niel. Then there was an activity in which all students got introduced to each other .After this there was an inspiring talk by the resource person, Mr.George Devassy, on the source of  reason for which God created each and everyone of us in this world.He also shared about how he encountered God in his life and the way in which he remained closer to god even in adverse situations.

There was a session on how to make an effective confession. An hour of adoration was there following this session at Christ Junior College chapel. Rev. Fr.Sebastian Mathai had joined the students during this session . All students had a beautiful confession and they got rid of bondage created by the sin . The night stay for all students was arranged in the sports complex.The next day morning ,at 6:30 am all students attended Holy Mass celebrated by Rev.Fr.Sebastian Mathai. This was followed by a thought provoking talk by Mr George Devassy .He spoke about Holy Spirit and the problems created by Satan .There was an interactive session in which all students were given an opportunity to clear all their doubts regarding how to lead a successful spiritual life. Then we were divided into many groups and we discussed how to contribute in the growth of the Association of Christian Christies.

The camp ended with a prayer offering everyone who worked for the success of this camp .This camp was indeed a life changing experience for all students and succeeded in transforming the students into better leaders.

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