Paper Craft Competition

To mark the end of a busy day, and the beginning of real competition, the SSA held their fifth event on 15th July, 2016 – ‘Paper Craft’ – for both first and second years, who competing together for the first time – a colourful and truly creative hour long event lead to a room being packed with individual participants, armed with their supplies and ideas. 

All participants were given three coloured sheets of paper – one white, one blue and one yellow. The instructions required them to use all three sheets of paper, make three crafts and have them all under the same theme. A challenge effortlessly accepted and accomplished by every student there.
With the ever popular Lanterns and Boats on almost every table we looked at showed us how much a favourite it was to all those participating, but we did have a few with stand-out crafts like Christmas Trees, Weddings Frames, Peacocks and even Origami Animals. We also had a student present the sinking of Titanic, and another with their boat being caught in a whirlpool. A few students would even title their exhibits.
The event ended with everyone rushing to finishing their masterpieces, elating them to each other and stamping on their serial number. They left only after cleaning up their tables and disposing of the extra paper, something we’ll have to thank all our participants for!

Aritra Raychowdhury, 2 HEPP “N”
Saandra Manoj 2 PPES “O”

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